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Swimming with Galapagos Sharks – A Thrilling Hawaiian Cage Tour
My experiences cage diving with Galapagos sharks in Oahu, Hawaii. Everything you need to know about this thrilling cage tour offered by North Shore Shark Adventures!
Sarakiniko Beach: A Greek Adventure
Sarakiniko Beach is a beautiful and mesmerizing beach on the north shore of Milos Island in Greece. Here's my story of my adventures at Sarakiniko!
Food You Must Try When Visiting Greece
Planning a trip to Greece, or want to experience some traditional Greek food locally? Check out this list of the top Greek foods you don't want to miss out on!
Whale Watching in Monterey
Once of the most exciting activities available year-round in Monterey is whale watching. Here's everything you need to know about Chris' Whale Watching tours and your opportunity to see marine life up close!
Exploring Monterey: A Guide to Pebble Beach’s Scenic 17-Mile Drive
Everything you need to know about Pebble Beach's beautiful and scenic 17-mile drive.

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