Hi I’m Smruthi! 

Follow my journey as I travel around the world! I hope my experiences, guides, and tips give you some inspiration to do some exploring of your own! 

Where Have I Been?

I’ve traveled a lot within the United States and am looking to travel more internationally! So far, I’ve been to 14 countries and hope this list keeps growing each year! 

12 states • 11 countries • 4 continents

When I’m not traveling, I’m exploring, adventuring and trying new food! Your next thrilling experience may be across the world, across town, or even in your backyard – adventure is always lurking, just around the corner!

SkyDive Monterey Bay • June 2019

Favorite Trips:

  • Hawaii 2014 Trip: Oahu
  • Europe Trip 2019: Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands
  • Hawaii 2021 Trip: Oahu, Maui
  • Mexico 2021: Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta
  • Australia 2022: Sydney, Gold Coast

Why Travel?

Traveling provides you with a plethora of benefits from improving your health, expanding your network and making you smarter, to making you more interesting and creating memories that last you a lifetime!