Easy & Simple Tequila Cocktail

cucumber and mint cooler cocktail

This summer has been one of the hottest summers in the Bay Area in a while, and has had me craving something refreshing to fulfill my happy hour needs.

I love experimenting with different flavors, fruits and mixers and this time, I opted in for a flavorful mix of lemon, agave syrup and orange bitters. Check out the recipe below for a tequila-based cucumber & mint cooler!

Cucumber & Mint Coolers

Total Time: 25 minutes

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Serves 1 glass


  • Tequila (any brand) – 2 shots
  • Cucumber & Mint Lemonade Cordial – 2 shots
  • Rosemary Leaves
  • Lemon Juice
  • Orange Bitters – a few dashes
  • Agave Syrup – 1/4 tbsp


  1. Add 2 shots of tequila and 2 shots of cucumber & mint lemonade cordial to shaker or closed-lid bottle/container. Add in a few dashes of orange bitters and pour in 10-15 drops of lemon juice based on your preferences.
  2. Shake the mixture well. Grab a glass and add in 4-5 ice cubes.
  3. Pour in drink mixture and add 1/4 tablespoon of agave syrup.
  4. Stir well and garnish with rosemary leaves.

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