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Find your next adventure in Monterey, CA, a coastal town famed around the world for its abundance of marine life and extremely fresh seafood. From getting in your fill of fresh oysters and deep-fried fish to catching a whale watching tour in the bay or checking out the famous 17-mile drive, there is so much to do in this ocean town!


From unique activities to the best eats, check out what’s trending in Monterey!

monterey bay whale

Whale Watching

Whale watching is one of the most exciting activities in Monterey, where you get to see majestic creatures up close in their natural environment. Check out everything you need to know about Chris’ Whale Watching Tours.

skydiving in monterey bay

Sky Dive Monterey

Ever had to urge to jump out of a plane? Check out my experience with tandem sky diving in Monterey Bay!

spanish bay beach monterey 17 mile drive

17-Mile Drive

Learn more about this beautiful 17-mile drive filled with dramatic coastal cliffs, mystical forests, iconic white beaches, and beautiful golf courses.

Monterey Bay Travel Guide

Want to learn more about the history of Monterey Bay, and a guide to the activities, cuisine, and accommodations in the area? Check out our official travel guide for Monterey, CA!

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